Scholarships for African American Women Who Have Chosen Adoption

Choosing adoption is never an easy choice, but it is a choice that can lead to a better life for you and your child. Lifetime Adoption Foundation offers scholarships for African American women who have chosen adoption for their baby.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation understands the sacrifice a birth mother makes when she places her child for adoption. You are ensuring a happy future not only for your child but for the adoptive families who long for the opportunity to become parents.

Happy woman smiling
You, too, deserve a happy and successful future. When you think of your future, does it involve a career that requires a college education or trade school certificate? Sometimes that can feel unattainable, but Lifetime Foundation offers easy-to-apply for educational scholarships for black women.

These scholarships can be used to help with community college, university, or trade school expenses. This can lessen the financial burden of higher education and trade school expenses.

If you’d like to share this information with a friend or loved one, here is a PDF you can download and print. Then you can send it to a birth mother you know who is working on her own educational goals.

With modern adoption, you can stay in contact with the adoptive family and remain a part of your child’s life. Now, with the help of Lifetime Foundation scholarships, you can be a role model for your child. You can show how achieving your goals through hard work and the desire to succeed in your chosen field is possible.

Reach out to Lifetime Foundation and apply for your scholarship today!