African American Enrichment Program

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The Lifetime Adoption African American enrichment program can help if you are interested in adopting an African American baby or older child.

woman looking up adoption on computerWhen an African American or a biracial birth mother is choosing parents for her child, she considers many factors. One is race, and some of these birth mothers prefer a couple of the same race to adopt their child. If this is her preference, our adoption coordinators work hard to make sure every birth mother can find just the right adoptive parents to adopt her baby.

If you are an African American or biracial couple hoping to adopt, we can help your dreams of adoption come true. Our African American Enrichment Program is one way we help qualified families to adopt African American newborns, toddlers, older children, and sibling groups. Adoption grants help offset the costs of adoption for these families that are often in high demand.

The enrichment program offers grants available through Lifetime Adoption that range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on financial circumstances and preferences, as well as availability. They are specifically for African American or biracial parents, or other adoptive parents who have previously adopted an African American child.

For more information on affording adoption, be sure to check with your tax professional to make sure you get the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. There are many options to help raise funds for your adoption. Take the time to read some financing adoption articles to learn more.

Lifetime has successfully placed many African American and biracial children with loving families through this program, including twins

The African American Enrichment Program was started in 2003 and has awarded hundreds of grants to qualifying families.

Lifetime has a strong and successful record of building families through adoption since 1986.

Lifetime has helped families begin their adoption for as little as to start.

Lifetime has placed healthy newborns with families in as few as seven days after signing up.

How do I find out if I qualify for the African American Adoption Enrichment Program?

You may ask questions by filling out the form on our Request Information page. You will hear back from one of our experienced and knowledgeable adoption coordinators. They will answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to move forward on your adoption journey. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first to see if your question has already been answered.

You may complete the free online application to give our adoption coordinators the information they need to see if our adoption agency is a good match for you and your adoption hopes. You will need to attach a photo of yourself to complete your application. If you are accepted into the program, we will schedule a personalized phone conference with you before sending you a contract. There is no fee to apply.

We would be happy to speak to you on the phone anytime: 1-727-493-0933.

Our Mission

A program to help qualified families adopt African American newborns, children, and sibling groups.