Adoption Webinars

Adoption Webinars


Adoption Webinars


Our adoption information webinar offers adoptive parents the tips and direction about the steps involved to adopt successfully. Are you thinking of adopting a child or are you choosing to grow your family through adoption? This can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time. Let our adoption webinars answer your questions and help you in your research.

Whether you are just starting your adoption journey or you have completed your adoption, there is a webinar for you. You can learn about the home study process, helpful hints for preparing your profile and even building a relationship with the birth mother you are matched with. There are broad topics like, open adoption, and more specific topics such as adoption funding. There are some very practical how-to webinars and some emotional, personal stories.

Adoption Information Webinar – MaRay’s Adoption Story

One of the best ways hopeful adoptive parents can prepare for or be encouraged along their path to adoption is to learn from other adoption stories of parents who made it through the process.

In this adoption webinar, adoptive mom, MaRay, shares the details of her decision to adopt as a single African American mother.

Aaron and Kimberly's adoption story

Aaron & Kimberly’s Adoption Story

Wherever you’re at on your own path to adoption, it helps to hear from others who have been in your shoes.

In this webinar, we learn from Lifetime parents, Aaron and Kimberly, who share the story of how they decided to pursue adoption, what they learned about open adoption, how they got through the waiting, and what it was like to meet the son they know they were meant to add to their family.

Plus, hear this couple’s heartfelt message of hope to future adoptive parents.

Here’s what families are saying about our adoption webinars!

“I love how much information is covered in an hour, so informative!”
Jesse and Alicia

Adoptive parents-to-be

“I just wanted to let you both know how awesome we thought the webinar was tonight. It was so interesting and helped answer a lot of questions we had about how to have a relationship with birth parents. It felt so open and honest, and was very refreshing! Thank you thank you for hosting this!!”
Emily and Michael

Hopeful adoptive parents

Take advantage of the knowledge our Lifetime Adoption coordinators have in every aspect of adoption. Attend a live event and ask questions or watch a replay at your convenience. Every month we offer new live events and relevant adoption webinar replays to help hopeful parents better understand the adoption process, prepare to adopt safely and smoothly, and find encouragement along the way.