Newly Adopted Babies



Newly Adopted Babies
Newly adopted baby in blanket


All of these newly adopted babies have found loving homes.

African American Adoptions Online, in conjunction with Lifetime Adoption, works with birth mothers seeking adoptive families like yours! Take the first step and request information today. The next newly adopted baby we post here may be yours. You can also reach us at (727) 493-0933 or request adoption information.

African American Adoption Online, in conjunction with Lifetime Adoption has been connecting adoptive couples and birth parents through open adoption since 1986. Our mission has always been to create a bond through open adoption that benefits everyone, especially the child.

If you’re thinking about adoption, each adoption story you read will give you more knowledge and more encouragement. The stories from these adoptive couples show how important keeping faith can be. Your call to adoption is a gift to a child. There is nothing more important to a child’s future than feeling loved.