Black Babies Who Have Been Adopted



Newly Adopted Babies
Newly adopted baby in blanket

All of these newly adopted babies have found loving homes.

We’re often asked, “Do you have black babies for adoption?” The answer is that we have beautiful babies from a variety of ethnicities.

African American Adoptions Online, in conjunction with Lifetime Adoption, works with birth mothers seeking adoptive families like yours! Take the first step and request information today. You can also reach us at (727) 493-0933 or request adoption information.

African American Adoption Online, in conjunction with Lifetime Adoption has been connecting adoptive couples and birth parents through open adoption since 1986. Our mission has always been to create a bond through open adoption that benefits everyone, especially the child.

close up of black baby with earrings If you’re thinking about adopting a child into your home, first of all thank you! Without generous and selfless families like yours, so many children would be without a loving and stable home. Each of the stories you’ve read above will give you more information and more encouragement. The stories from these adoptive couples show how important keeping faith can be. If you having been searching the internet for “black babies for adoption”, remember that your call to adoption is a gift to a child, regardless of ethnicity. There is nothing more important to a child’s future than feeling loved.

You can start your open adoption journey today by calling us at 727-493-0933 or using our “Text Us” button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Or you can fill out our FREE application. Our coordinators are ready to help you in any way that they can. Once you are a LIfetime Adoption family, you will be given all of the information and tools you’ll need to navigate a successful open adoption.