Birth Mom Stories

Birth Mom Stories


Understanding birth mother stories will help you have a greater knowledge of what many are looking for in adoptive parents. It will also help you have valuable insight into how they feel so you can connect with them and build a relationship with the birth mother you are matched with.

Our adoption coordinators hear from expectant mothers and mothers of young children every day. Their stories are often full of pain or anxiety and also full of love for a child or children they don’t feel they are able to parent. They want nothing more than for their baby to be safe, well cared for, and, most of all, loved.

Every birth mother is experiencing difficulty in her life. We all struggle with some issues at some point in our lives. These women happen to be dealing with a pregnancy they are not prepared for or young children they are unable to parent. She may be too young to be ready to parent, she may struggle with addiction, be living in an unsafe environment, or have emotional or mental issues that need to be resolved.

What we do know is that she has found the courage and strength to do what is best and is seeking a loving, safe family to adopt her child.

Here are some quotes from past birth mothers.

“I am parenting three children on my own and am pregnant again. I feel adoption for this child would be the best thing. I want my baby to be placed with an African American or bi-racial couple. I would like education to be important to them. I would like to get letters and photos and maybe a visit once a year.”

“I got pregnant on a one-night stand. We are not ready to be parents! I would like an African American couple to adopt my baby. After I just want a short update once a year so I know the baby is healthy and happy.”

“I thought I could do it. I am a single parent, have a three year old, and a year ago gave birth again. It is too much. I can’t support them. I can’t even support myself. We are all unhappy, and something needs to change. I dream of them being adopted together by a successful, happy, African American family.”

You can read about other women who are looking for in domestic adoption on our Birth Parents Seeking Families page.

We provide support and resources for birth mothers through Lifetime Adoption, Lifetime Adoption Foundation, and Birth Mother Blessings. From Lifetime Adoption, professional and peer counseling is available to birth mothers both during pregnancy and after the adoption is final. Lifetime Foundation provides scholarships and assistance to birth families. While Birth Mother Blessings provides maternity clothes and other day-to-day necessities for expecting mothers.

After reading these birth mother stories, we hope you will join us in supporting these women. All of these birth mothers deserve respect and admiration. They are taking the steps to pursue a safe adoption situation for their child or children. They are facing the fact that they are unable to parent at this point and know that they can give their child a better future and can make the dreams of a hopeful adoptive family come true.