African American Adoptions
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African American Adoptions

Are you an African American woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and just needs to talk to someone? Are you a mother who finds herself in a position of having a hard time providing a safe and secure home for your child? If so, we can help you find loving, adoptive parents, there are amazing African American and biracial families ready to adopt.

If you are African American and wondering how to adopt a baby, we are here to help you. We have birth mothers who specifically ask for African American families to adopt their babies. At Lifetime, we have caring adoption coordinators ready to help you match with a birth mother that has similar hopes for the type of relationship after adoption as you.

Our caring, experienced adoption coordinators are available 24/7 to help you with the adoption process, even if you just need to talk.


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“I am writing you to say thank you. With your African American adoptions service I found a wonderful black family to adopt my baby Jacob. They are wonderful people and I am glad I had a chance to make their dreams come true by giving them to my child. They are just wonderful. Thank you again.”

African American Open Adoptions

African American adoption has evolved over the years. When closed adoption was popular, a birth mother would not see or hear how her child was, and adoptive parents would have no information on their child’s genetic background or access to medical information that may be very important. Many times, this was too hard to bear for the birth mother, so a relative, such as an aunt or grandmother, would raise the child. While generally not a formal adoption, it is adoption in a sense. It would give the birth mother some access to the child, but this was often a burden on the relative who was not planning on raising another child.

Open adoption is now the most common type of adoption. A birth mother views hopeful adoptive families and chooses who she would like to adopt her baby. There is an agreement made as to what type of future contact there will be once the adoption is final. There may be photos shared, updates, shared social media sites, and even visits. An open adoption benefits the birth mother, the adoptive parents, and most of all, the child. The child will understand their adoption story, they will know where they came from, and will have information on their ethnicity.

Adoption For Older Children

Adoption comes in many forms, and newborn adoption is not the only choice. Many toddlers, sibling groups, and older children need a loving African American family to adopt them. Your family may grow a little faster than expected, but the joy and the sound of happy children in your home will quickly become familiar.

Sometimes, life throws us some curveballs, and a mother may find that she can no longer care for her child. In these cases, there are sometimes only two choices, foster care or adoption. The statistics for older African American children to be adopted out of the foster care system are not good, and you have no control over who is chosen to foster your child.

With adoption, you make the choices. You choose who will parent your child. If you would like an African American or bi-racial couple to parent your child, you can make that happen. At Lifetime, we are able to help children up to six years old.