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A Letter from Stephen & Meron

Hello! Our life is full of love and laughter, walks with our dog at the beach, and travels to new places around the world. We have a very understanding, loyal relationship that we think is a great foundation for starting a family. Stephen’s sister was adopted at birth and so our families have been nothing but supportive to us during our journey to become parents. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

About Us, as Told by Meron

We met in 2009 while we both worked at Yahoo. We instantly hit it off and became great friends. Starting our relationship as friends has helped us form a stronger bond as a couple, built on complete trust and honest communication. We married in a beautiful castle in Ireland 7 years ago!

Things we love to do together:
• Read a book and listen to the waves at the beach.
• Host dinner parties for our friends and families
• Have a date night at home with a good movie.

Meet Meron

I work as a recruiting manager for a major social media company I lead a team of 77 people and enjoy problem solving issues as they arise.

I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends, family, and our dog. I love shopping, even if it’s for a pair of socks, and watching movies, or reading a book sitting on the beach listening to the waves.

What Stephen Loves About Meron: Meron is an amazingly strong woman. She has a contagious personality and people just gravitate to her. She has such a strong moral compass and is naturally optimistic. She always finds the silver lining and continuously stays positive.

Meet Stephen

I work as a sales director for an organization that creates online job listings. I like helping unemployed individuals build resumes and offering interviewing advice.

I am a BIG soccer fan. I get up early every weekend to watch all the games. I’m also a big movie fan, and enjoy reading in the sun (I always try to read at least one book a month and love to sit in a park or the backyard whenever I can).

What Meron Loves About Stephen: Stephen is the most loving, caring, and supportive person I know. He is the type of person that would do anything to provide a happy and comfortable life for his family. He has a warm heart and does a lot for our community, like volunteering for soccer organizations by helping them fundraise.

Our Family & Friends

We both come from big families! Meron has three siblings and two cousins who she considers sisters. Stephen has five siblings. We enjoy traveling the world with our family and we try to go somewhere new at least once a year. We also have 12 nieces and nephews and we love doing board games and puzzles with them.

We have some friends who we’ve known since childhood! We have built lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life, different countries, and diverse cultures. Every time we travel, we make new friends!

Our Home in California

We live in a beautiful house with a backyard big enough for kids to run and play in. We are walking distance from many parks and a short drive to the beach. Our neighborhood is located in one of the best school districts in the area. It’s a great place to raise a family!

Our Promise

We are filled with hope about this path to adoption and thank you, deeply, for taking time to get to know us. We are both very patient and easy to talk to. We’d love to get to know you, and will honor an open adoption, if you’d like that.

We promise to:
• Love your child unconditionally.
• Make your child’s health and safety a priority.
• Support all of your child’s passions and education.
• Travel with your child to safe, exciting places.
• Value togetherness and family during the holidays.

To contact us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Love, Stephen & Meron

Learn More About Stephen & Meron

  Stephen Meron
Our EducationDegree in Business ManagementDegree in Accountancy & Finance
Our ProfessionsDirector of SalesSenior Manager of Recruiting
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian African American
Some of Stephen & Meron's Favorites
MovieThe Shawshank RedemptionLove and Basketball
BookShantaramThe Secret
PlaceChicago, IllinoisNice, South of France
DessertMint chocolate ice creamAnything chocolate!
MusicIndie RockR&B
More About Our Family
Fun Fact About Us

Meron: Creating a safe space for people of all backgrounds is important to me!
Stephen: I volunteer at the local animal shelter!

We Value...

PEOPLE we love: Our family and friends always come first. We think spending time with them is key to our emotional wellbeing.

Gratitude: We are grateful for all the wonderful blessings in our life and try to focus on what we have versus what we don’t have.

Education: We value formal education, and also believe lifelong learning is important for our self and career growth.

Life Experiences: We prefer to invest in memorable adventures and life experiences over stuff. We can’t wait to travel all over with your child!

Our Dog

Loki is an incredibly loving and caring mini-Poodle. Some of Loki’s personal hobbies include cuddling, shopping with Meron and playing soccer with Stephen. He will be excited to have a new friend to play with!

Our Favorite Tradition

Christmas is our most favorite holiday and it’s a long-standing tradition that we spend it with our whole extended family surrounded by all of our nephews and nieces.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 4 years old




Either boy or girl!

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 6 years old

In Closing

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby! We feel blessed and grateful for the possibility of becoming parents through adoption. If you'd like, we welcome the chance to get to know you, and we'd be happy to share updates as your child grows up. We look forward to talking with you!

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