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A Letter from Aishah

My name is Aishah and it would be a dream come true to become a mother. I had the pleasure of being raised by my mother along with my maternal grandparents, and I always had the support of family in my life. I was loved, inspired, and taught by word and example to love God, value education, work hard, and enjoy life. I am looking forward to passing down all of those values and lessons that I’ve learned to my child.

Although we haven’t met, I am humbled by your love for your child and your courageous consideration of what is in his or her best interest. I hope that my profile gives you a real sense of who I am and how much I look forward to opening my heart and home to your child.

About Me

I was born in New York and lived there until twelve years old. My family and I then moved to Georgia. Except for the 4 years that I lived in Oklahoma to attend college, I’ve lived in Georgia ever since. What I like most about living in Georgia are the short and mild winters and the people are kind. I especially like that the town I live in is family friendly and diverse. I’m blessed to have an incredible support system of family and friends nearby. And like me, they are beaming with anticipation of welcoming your baby into our family.

I currently work in Information Technology as a Project Manager. I lead several teams of people who live in the United States and overseas. I really enjoy what I do. I’m able to play a significant role in my organization’s success, I learn something new almost every day, the people I work with are great, and it’s stress-free. More importantly, the organization that I work for values the importance of work-life balance, so I have the pleasure of working from home. This benefit, along with maternity leave, will allow me to bond with and care for my child.

My Interests and Hobbies

I love to travel. I try to travel somewhere fun at least once a year. I have so many fond memories of traveling with my family overseas and in the US. Italy and the Netherlands are at the top of my list of favorite places to visit. What I enjoy most about those countries is the culture, architecture, and food. I also enjoy going back to New York. It gives me an opportunity to see a new show on Broadway or a museum exhibit. I’m looking forward to experiencing the many sites, sounds, and cultures that this world has to offer with my child.




My Family and Friends

The matriarch of my family is my mother. She is such a supportive force in my life and is super excited and ready to become a grandmother. My first cousin Nicole is like a sister to me, and she and her daughter are already planning our next family trip to include my child. I also have cousins and other extended family that I’m close to up and down the East Coast.

I’m so grateful for my family and the decades old friends in my life. Our time together is always filled with laughter, love, and genuine interest in what’s going on in each other’s lives. The blessing is that we always support each other, no matter what. And that is a value that I will continue to practice with my child. My whole family, including relatives, extended family, and friends, is beyond excited for your child to join our family, where there’s no shortage of love, support, and good times.

My Home in Georgia

I live in a townhouse in a quiet neighborhood. My home has two large master bedrooms and one of the bedrooms has been designed to accommodate an infant or toddler aged child. The living room and dining area are inviting and spacious. When the weather permits, the patio in the back of the house is used as another living space to read or gather with family and friends. Surrounding the patio is a large yard for children to play. What I love most about my home is the modern decor and that it’s a place of comfort, peace, and joy.


When growing up, there were many family traditions. Many of them centered around the holidays and family dinners. But my favorite tradition continues to be celebrating birthdays in special ways. Family birthdays usually start with a wake-up call of mostly out of tune singing. Then there’s the fun of surprise parties, unplanned trips, dinners to favorite restaurants, and small gatherings with surprise guests.

I’m looking forward to celebrating my child’s birthday in special and fun ways. I love baking cupcakes and it brings me joy just imagining baking his or her favorite cupcakes filled with fun toppings and treats for their birthday. No matter how large or small the birthday celebration, what’s most important is that they’ll be surrounded by love and loved ones.

My Promise

My promise to you is to love your child unconditionally and do everything that I can to provide him or her with a life filled with joy, adventure, learning, and opportunity. I will encourage and nurture your child’s interests, talents, and unique qualities, always valuing and supporting their hopes and dreams. I promise to always do what is in your child’s best interest and prepare them academically and socially to embrace a future of success.

I also promise to stay in contact with you, providing updates and sharing pictures as your child grows. I will always speak of you in a positive light and ensure that your child grows up knowing that they are loved by both of us.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Aishah

My EducationMasters degree in Organizational Leadership and Bachelors degree in Business Administration
My ProfessionsProject Manager
Stay-At-HomeNo; work from home
My Racial BackgroundAfrican American
Some of Aishah's Favorites
Places to VisitThe Netherlands, Italy, Canada, and New York City
FoodApple Pie
Book GenreMystery
Music GenreClassic Hip-hop
More About My Family
My Faith

My Christian faith is my foundation, sustaining me throughout my life’s journey. It's the quiet talks and thoughts that I have with God that gives me strength, fortifies my trust, and directs my steps--even when I feel unclear. I certainly plan to share my faith and what I continue to learn with my child. My mother and grandparents did that for me. I have loving memories of going to church with them and kneeling next to the bed with my grandmother reciting the 23rd Psalm. I look forward to making such memories with my child and ensuring that they too have a spiritual foundation for their promising life.

My Musical Interests

Along with laughter, music is often heard in my home. My play lists include a broad range of music including classic hip hop, rhythm and blues, lounge, jazz, and gospel. I love to listen to the music stations that I created in Pandora. And I've already added the Lullabye Radio station to my collection for my child to fall asleep to.

I plan to introduce my child to musical instruments at an early age. It will be a joy to see how they respond to little shakers and tambourines, then other musical instruments as they grow. I’m looking forward to sharing the beauty of music with my child and I hope they love it as much as I do.

My Community

There are parks and great schools in the surrounding area of my home. I go to the park to run and walk the track or trails throughout the year. I'm looking forward to pushing the swing for my child, watching them sliding down the slides, and running around the children's play area. I have friends and neighbors who are parents of young children that are eagerly awaiting my child’s arrival to be playmates and friends for years to come. I've identified schools nearby that have been recognized for their early learning programs. It will be a joy to watch my child explore, discover, and learn new skills.

There's a lot of accessibility to local amenities and resources in my community. Three shopping malls and numerous healthcare facilities are less than 15 minutes away by car. So, attending pediatrician appointments, making quick diaper runs, and other purchases for my child will be quite manageable.

My Special Interests

One of my favorite things to do is dance. I’ve been drawn to it ever since I was four years old. I really enjoy modern dance, tap, hip hop and most dance fitness formats like Zumba. And when I get the opportunity, I love going to the ballet and musicals. I'm excited to share my love of the arts with your child. And I'll be supportive of whatever interests they connect with. In the meantime, I'll be sure to take them to see Sesame Street Live. It doesn't get any better than Elmo, Bert, and Ernie singing and dancing in person.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 4 years old


Identical or fraternal twins


Girl or Boy

Sibling Group

2 children

In Closing

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and considering me as a prospective parent for your child. I have always dreamed of being a mom, and I’m totally committed to providing your child unconditional love, a secure and nurturing home, and a devoted family. I recognize that making an adoption plan for your child is an enormous decision and an act of pure love. If you chose me to adopt your child, it would be an honor to join you in this journey. I welcome ongoing communication between our families and visits, or any level of contact that you feel comfortable with.

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