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Christmas Blessings

Good Morning!

We just wanted to share this special picture. Since we go South for Christmas, we decided to invite Aiden's birth mother up before Christmas and have Santa come early so she could experience his first Christmas with his toys Santa brought!

-Gerald and Toni



David and Jamie Adopted a Baby Boy!

Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption!

David and Jamie write, "May we present Joshua, the most perfect little boy ever! He is wonderful and we are tired. We would not have it any other way!"

Introducing Our Newest Lifetime "Angel"

Hugs to our Leading Ladies at Lifetime…Jessica, Diane, Amy!

It has been six weeks since baby Xia and I arrived home to an eagerly awaiting Daddy and her three siblings!  Xia is our biggest baby yet weighing in at nearly 10 pounds at birth, and currently around 15 pounds! She is the queen of toothless grins and has a very 'big voice' (which only aids her in getting tons of attention from the rest of us) :)

It was a precarious two weeks before we were cleared to come home, but Lifetime was once again professional and consistently available every time we needed them. Jessica, you did a great job of keeping things rolling and helping us jump all the necessary hoops both states required. Your experience in adoption inspires me, and was incredibly helpful as we navigated this situation. Diane, your straightforward, no nonsense approach has been a godsend! Amy, getting to know you (prior to our call about Xia) has been a delight, and we loved working with you! 

As we now move towards finalization, we look forward to keeping you in our prayers as you step up to the plate every day, helping scores of other families navigate the intricate details of adoption…way to go ladies, we continue to send hopeful couples your way as we spread the word about adoption and building families, one baby at a time!

Thank you Lifetime, for finishing what you start! 


Michael, Trish, Noah, Kohl, Holli-Yahna, and baby Xia

Our Delightful Daughter

Hello Lifetime!

Here is a recent picture of our Bethany. She is three years old now and continues to grow and change every day. She used to often say, "Would you help me?"  Now she says, "I can help me by myself!"  We enjoy her so much and thank God for the delight she brings to our lives.


Matt and Teri Jo

Boy Wonder

Hi Veronica,

Can't believe a year has past with our sweet Miles! We just celebrated his first birthday at a local farm and a great time was had by all. It has been full of joy and wonder as we watch our little guy grow and learn. He already says about seven or eight words, understands so many more, dances to songs, and is taking quite a few steps. As much as we cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for him, we are relishing in these awesome moments.
Lots of prayers for all the birth and adoptive families!

-Arlene and Joel

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The Joy of Our Lives

Hi Diane,

It's been almost three years since we last spoke, so we wanted to send you a recent picture of our Kylie! She's now three years old, and is so loving. She's the joy of our lives. Thank you so much!


Byron and Donna

Our Adoption Dream Came True!

Hi Veronica,

We wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all you did to facilitate the placement of Olivia Grace with us!  She is an absolute dream and we feel so blessed to have her.  Things were a little hectic after we brought her home with everyone adjusting to a new routine and a new baby in the house, but we are all moving along now like she has been with us forever.  In fact, we can't ever imagine how we managed without her.  She has enriched our lives beyond our wildest dreams!

Thank you!

Terry and Danette

Blessed by Open Adoption

Hi Libby,

It's so great, as always, to hear from you and Lifetime. We would love to be a part of helping other hopeful adoptive parents through their journey. We still sing the praises of Lifetime and the support we received and regularly recommend you to anyone who expresses an interest in adopting.

We were indeed able to overcome concerns about an open adoption. Latonia communicated quite a bit with Georgia's birthmom before she was born, drove her to the hospital and was able to be present for Georgia's birth. We also were able to spend the entire time Georgia was in the hospital with her.  The surprise has come from the ongoing contact with Georgia's birthmom.  We exchanged cell phone numbers and text her every month or so with a picture and anecdote about what Georgia's up to. Georgia's birth mother also sends texts for her during milestones, like her birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day. She is very respectful of us as Georgia's parents and we'd love to share with other parents that contact with your child's birthmom doesn't have to be scary.

We would love to assist in helping other parents.  We may even be interested in another adoption!

Latonia and Brent

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Bouncing Baby Girl

Hi Libby,

So great to hear from you! Life is grand. Aspen is the most precious thing in my life after Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. She is a happy, playful, joyful baby -- who is now WALKING!

She's also got a very strong personality and she's not at all shy -- she'll wabble up to perfect strangers and start playing with them. (Definitely something I'll have to temper once she starts talking...LOL) And everyone who meets her falls in love...I have people walk up to me in grocery stores, malls, anywhere and comment on some aspect of who she is.

God is so awesome. I have had the most amazing experience with this adoption and thanks to Him have been able to use our story as a testimony for others who are seeking adoption. I share about the process and what to expect, which is often still a mystery to a lot of folks. And when they see me, a single executive, who has adopted I think their optimism rises.

Lifetime was absolutely a blessing in my life -- when people actually do hear the entire story they're amazed (but again, I am picky about who I tell it to because there are people who have waited for years and I want to be sensitive to their yearning).

Thanks and blessings,

Ready, Set, Grow

Hi Amy!

All is well! Luke had his one month doctor appointment yesterday...he's 10 pounds, one ounce now and doing great!


Jeremiah and Audra were blessed to adopt a baby girl!

Our Adoption Story

When we started working with Lifetime, we were so happy to start our journey that God had lead us on.
The staff at Lifetime
helped us the entire way and they were so patient with us as we got started on the paperwork. Whenever we had questions, we always got a speedy response from a staff member.

The day we got matched was like a dream come true to us as we knew that it would be soon that we would have a baby to love.  When we got the call from
Veronica at Lifetime that a birth mom wanted to talk with us we were so happy and nervous all at the same time.

Veronica helped us on how to break the ice with our birth mom, and also gave us suggestions on what to talk about. The suggestions helped a lot as the birth mom was nervous as well.

We got the call that our birth mom was in labor and we left right away, arriving at the hospital soon after.  Meeting her in person for the first time was like we already knew her.  We had had a chance to get to know her through our many phone conversations during the pregnancy while matched.
Jeremiah and Audra were blessed to adopt a baby girl!

It was such an additional blessing that our birthmother was from an area where we have extended family members and they were able to see London once we were discharged from the hospital.  Upon our return home, our family and friends here were equally as excited to see London.

London is truly a blessing from God and we already cannot see our lives without her.  We have bonded with our birthmother and have a great relationship with her.  We have shared that we want her in London's life as she grows up.

Thank you to our Lifetime family for bringing more love, joy and excitement to our Ohana (family)! 

-Jeremiah & Audra


Jay and Tasha Welcomed Home a Baby Boy!

The proud parents share, "Meet our Benny! Love to all of you at Lifetime for your constant support and prayers! We can't believe it!"


It's a Boy!

Wonderful news from new adoptive parents, Dominique and Kasey, who recently welcomed their little son: "We are home and he's doing great!"


Hi Veronica,
We are praising Jesus this morning as our adoption of Miles has been finalized! It has been a beautiful seven months watching this beautiful little life grow and learn.

He is a BIG boy. At not quite seven months, he is already crawling all over the place! We are just so thankful the Lord prepared His way for us to be in Miles' life as we parent him and grow him to be the man God has called him to be.  We cannot wait to see what his life has in store for him. 

Praying for all the birth mothers and fathers, adoptive parents and little ones that they will be filled with love and comfort as they take this walk.

-Joel and Arlene

Happy Baby

Everything is going great with us! Andrew is three months old now, and he is one of the happiest babies we’ve ever been around. He is growing so fast and has a smile that melts hearts, as you can see from this picture!

 -Chris and Katrina

Joseph and Brittiny Adopted Twins!

Joseph and Brittiny adopted boy/girl twins

Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption!

Forever Grateful

Little Jeremiah Dominique is growing fast! Today he is two months old. We are still in contact with his birth mother and grandmother. They even sent him a nice Christmas package in the mail! We are forever grateful for Lifetime Adoption and for the wonderful staff there. Thank you for making our adoption experience more than we could have ever expected.

-Jason and Angel

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Boy Wonder

Just wanted to send an update on Aiden! He's four, but looks like he's about six because he's so tall! He hasn't started preschool because he already knows everything they were going to teach him. We plan on putting him in kindergarten next year because we think Pre-K will be too boring for him. He's happy, healthy, and amazing!

-Ryan & Brandi

Bouncing Baby Boy

Hi Veronica,

We cannot tell you how much we have been enjoying the past FIVE months with our sweet boy, Miles. We cannot believe time is going by so quickly. He and big brother, Eli, are already creating such a special bond.  He is such a beautiful, happy baby and we are all so blessed that God had allowed us to be his parents. Here's a picture so you can see just how big he is getting (he's already in 9 month clothes!). Praying all is well with you!

-Arlene and Joel

Our Adoption Story

We can't believe that our "little man" is 10 months old! He is the biggest blessing that we've experienced in our 12 years of marriage! He has learned to say "mama" and "dada", and there's nothing like hearing his sweet little voice say those words to us! Being a mommy and daddy is the best thing short of our relationship with Christ, and our marriage to one another.

There were times when it felt like it would never happen, and we would grow disheartened. Now that he's here, we can't express how glad we are that we persevered and were matched with the baby of our dreams! The staff at Lifetime (particularly Diane) was compassionate and supportive, and thankfully, found us the perfect match.

We thank God for our little baby boy, and also thank Lifetime for having such a great experience!

Mike & La Tanya

A Gift from God

Elijah Marley is a joy every day....I love him more than words can express!

He is a gift from GOD! Elijah is almost 10 months old...thanks to his birth mom (we love her) and Lifetime!


Chosen Child

Dear Lifetime Family,
We still can’t believe how PERFECT our match was. After two reclaims (one with another agency), we questioned God’s path for us. But when Jace was placed in our arms, we knew immediately that God had chosen THIS child for us.

We could never have imagined how much love could shine from the eyes of a small child. When we look at Jace, we are moved by his simple joy and peacefulness. His smile touches all those around him. He truly is a gift from God!

Our family continues to pray for all waiting Lifetime Families!

-Lamont and Valerie

The Love of Our Life

To all the Lifetime staff that was patient and reassuring, we say thank you. Our adoption experience with Lifetime was very positive and we would recommend them to other families seeking adoption. We now have the love of our life, baby Jordan. He is truly a blessing and each day is an adventure. He is growing so fast and we are enjoying every moment. We are so thankful to God for allowing us to love and care for him. We not only fell in love with baby Jordan, but when we met our birthmother, it felt as if we had known her for years. We are thankful for her strength and commitment to this process. Our daily scripture is “every good and every perfect gift comes from above…” We have truly been blessed!

-David & Bridget

Graduation Day

It has been way too long!  Charles is all grown up!  He just graduated from pre-K and is looking forward to going to kindergarten.  He is counting to 100, spelling his name and he just recently accomplished tying his shoes!

We pray you all are well and please continue to use us as a reference from prospective families, although it's been years we still sing your praises and we are still thankful for the hard work you all did making us a forever family!

-John & DeNise

Thank Heaven for Our Little Boy

Hi Jen,

We will always be grateful for what you and the Lifetime family has done for us. Our experience was emotional, since we had two birth mothers to change their mind at the hospital. However, it was so worth it. Mason is an AMAZING little boy and he just turned three.  He also has a wonderful birth mother.  Overall, we had a good experience.  We recommend Lifetime to any family that has an interest in adopting!

Have A Blessed Day!

-Gerald and Yolanda

Bouncing Baby Boy

My blessing Elijah is now four months old! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be his mom...thank you to Lifetime for all of your help and support.

Elijah is a happy, wonderful, bouncing baby boy! His birth mom and I communicate often through text messages and pictures. Every day is a joy as I watch him grow. I love being his mom!


We Couldn't Be Happier!

Hello Heidi and the Lifetime staff,

When we signed up for Lifetime, I thought that we would have to wait for at least one year before getting matched up with a birthmother.  I also thought that it was going to be a long road.  You and the Lifetime staff have made it so easy.  You all have been very helpful along the way. We were nervous wrecks when we were matched up with Jerold's birthmother, but when we spoke on the phone we clicked right away.  We spoke like we old friends. The whole time, I was afraid that she would change her mind and we would have to start all over again.  After he was born and I held him for the first time, I fell in love with him.  We couldn't be happier! He is getting so big, so fast.  It was pleasure working with Lifetime, and if I was able to do it again, I would definitely come back to you.  Thank you for everything!

Demetrius and Janice

Our Boy, Our Joy

Hi Jen,
Here's a picture of Jack at his 3rd birthday party. Our experience with Lifetime could not have gone better. We started our adoption process in November, matched in March and had our son home with us in April. Our attorney was excellent and we finalized our adoption in September. As you know it does not get much smoother or faster than that!  Our little boy Jack is amazing. He is happy, funny, affectionate, almost potty-trained and most of all loved by many.

-Dave & Telita

Lifetime, Through a Family's Eyes

After waiting two years with another agency, Darren and Tammi were able to adopt a baby girl in just two months with Lifetime! Please press the "play" button below to hear about Darren and Tammi's experience with Lifetime:

Picture-Perfect Adoption

Hi Jen,
I love to tell my adoption story!  I actually had the picture-perfect adoption experience.  I am single and when I decided to adopt I had several doors shut but once I called Lifetime, it all fell into place and eight months after I signed my contract my son Cooper was born.  It all happened much quicker than expected and I was in the delivery room and cut the cord. I actually babysat his two siblings for a couple hours until a family member could come to the hospital to pick them up.  We had a couple of bumps when the birthmom started to change her mind but they really didn't last long and went pretty quick. 

I know that God was in control of our adoption and I appreciated that my Lifetime counselors were Christian.  I also appreciated how Lifetime helped me to find someone here to do my home study and helped me with the attorneys.  I consider the Lifetime staff my family, even though I have never met any of you!

Thank you,

Ready, Set, Grow!

Hi Veronica,
We hope you had a wonderful Easter! Here's a recent picture of Lena. She has gotten so big and wonderful she will be two in June and already knows her ABC's and is potty trained -- Yay!

God Bless,

Lewis & Loreen

She Lights Up Our Lives!

Dear Libby,
Happy Easter!  We always think of you this time of year and wanted to send you our annual photos of Katie with the bunny!  These photos are of Katie and Hershey this year. Taking them always reminds us of you asking us to take the "perfect" photo of our bunnies for our profile. We appreciate the attention to details that you and the others at Lifetime put into our adoption which led us to a perfect match!  Thank you again for everything!  Katie is now a very active three year old who lights up our lives!
Roger and Tricia

Our Boy, Our Joy

Dear Michelle, Kim, and Tonya,

Thank you guys for your wonderful support!  Here is a picture of our beautiful boy Adam at one week. We are now parents of a beautiful baby boy and our hearts could not be happier! 

With much appreciation and gratitude for everyone at Lifetime!

-Alfred and Landria

Our Dream Came True

Hello Lifetime Family,

We're over-the-moon happy with the adoption of our daughter Sarah Elizabeth! We received a drop in the lap call from Diane while getting ready for church.  A few hours later we flew across the country to meet our daughter and birth mom. We met and simply fell in love with Sarah that night. Sarah is healthy, happy and growing so much each day.  We give God the glory, for it was His Hands that orchestrated this divine match.

We give thanks to Jen and Joan for supporting us during the craziness of traveling, the ICPC process and until we arrived safely home. Lifetime, we cannot thank you enough for making our dream come true to become parents and completing our family; each one of you has a special place in our hearts. Words simply cannot express our gratitude.  Like Libby and adoptive families always say in Lifetime's adoption webinars, when we look back, every wait, decision and event was clearly planned by God, Who is ever faithful. Lifetime, you are and will always be part of our family!

Glen and Wendy

Groundhog Greetings

Dear Veronica,

Happy Groundhog Day! We think of you often, but especially on Groundhog Day because we know you love the holiday so much! Here's a picture of Katie showing you some of her favorite pages out of our Groundhog Day books. She had fun celebrating at pre-school with her friends. We pray for everyone at Lifetime often! I have enjoyed sharing our story in the Lifetime webinar, answering questions and providing adoption support for new Lifetime families who are just beginning their journey!


Tricia and Roger

Forever Treasured

Hi Veronica and Our Lifetime Family!

Our adoption finalization court hearing was last week! We are now an official forever family! These past six months have passed so quickly and Kallie Grace is growing so fast. She is amazing and we are so in awe of what God did for us! It's exciting having two birthdays to celebrate with Kallie and our family here is so grateful as well that she is ours forever. Thank you for making the adoption process seem so easy and just always being there for us. We will never forget you. We hope to start the adoption process for our second Lifetime baby soon so that Kallie can have a little (or big) brother.

Take care,

Della and Tony



Dave and Deb Adopted a Baby Girl!

Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption


Cassius and Rhonda Adopted a Baby Girl!

Here is Cassidy with her proud big brother Tre.

Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption

Look at Me! I'm Three!

Hi Veronica,

Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know how we are doing. It has been a wonderful experience being a parent to our smart, beautiful, funny daughter, Nadia.  She has brought us so much joy.  She keeps us busy, but that's a good thing.  We're grateful to have the opportunity to love, protect and teach her about life.  We wouldn't change these times for anything. 

This picture is of Nadia at her 3rd birthday party. Thank you to Lifetime Adoption for helping us and hopefully we can do it one more time. Take care and hope everyone has a great new year! 

-Stacey & Jackie

I'm a Mommy!

Hi Veronica!

I am so happy to have newly adopted through Lifetime!  I signed on with Lifetime in August and became a mother the first of January.  It was four months and some days.  I am a single African American woman and was assured that 'THE PERFECT MATCH" was out there. Boy, was it ever...Elijah's birthmom is amazing and I look forward to a lifelong relationship with her.  I had moments of will this happen and many prayerful days... I AM a Mommy!


Our Little Princess

Hello Veronica!
We wanted to send you a quick note and a recent photo of Avery.  She is doing so well!  She started walking before 10 months old and is so full of energy and laughs.  We had such a wonderful time celebrating her first Christmas.  I still pinch myself sometimes to make sure I'm not dreaming.  I can't believe she'll be one next week...where does the time go?

We are getting together with her birthmother and maternal grandmother next month to catch up and celebrate her birthday.  I'll send photos of the celebration.

Happy New Year and thank you to all the Lifetime Staff for what you do for so many!

-Mark & Vanessa

My Dream Came True

Hello Lifetime Family,

I'm happy to inform you that Jacob's final adoption hearing was last week. The past few months have been the most difficult, yet most rewarding time in my life.  Thanks so much for your encouragement and support throughout this entire process! I wanted to share my adoption story with waiting adoptive families, in hopes that it provides encouragment to keep the faith and never give up on their dream of having a child!

Kind Regards,

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