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A Letter from Leye & Toye

Ours is a home and family that is rich in faith, music, culture, and love.  We both come from families where the definition of family goes beyond blood.  And so, from the very beginning, we knew that we wanted to have 2 children with at least one of them being adopted.  Together we have one son, Anjore, who just turned 2.  He is a miracle baby that came as a surprise after many years of trying to grow our family.  We are ready to complete our family through adoption and are open to staying connected with you through photos, letters, and visits.

About Us

We are both of Nigerian background.  Our culture is very important to us and is a big part of how we eat (we love food spicy!), and how we celebrate.  For us, family is a rich tapestry that is made up of more than just those related to us by blood.  Both of our parents informally adopted several other children and helped in their education.  It was from this that we both had adoption placed on our hearts and knew from the beginning that we wanted to carry on this legacy through adoption.

We met 14 years ago at a wedding in London where Leye was captivated by Toye’s singing. We very quickly developed a friendship that has since been the foundation of relationship.  We have been married for 10 years now and have lived in London and Dubai and, as of 7 years ago, call Texas home! Together we have traveled to over 20 countries, mainly driven by Leye’s love of travel and Toye’s curiosity about history and other cultures. Our friendship has gotten us through things both big and small like the challenges of multiple miscarriages and each supporting rival English Football teams.

In 2019 we were blessed with the birth of our son, Anjore, and have already enjoyed a few adventures with him. We are ready and excited to bring your child into the tapestry of our family and share with them all of our future adventures.

About Leye

Leye is a smart, kind, loving, supportive husband, and a sweet, attentive father. He is the one who remembers the names of all our friends’ kids and he has an amazing way of making everyone feel like a best friend.  As an engineer, Leye works hard and is dedicated to providing a stable, secure home for our family.  He is a wonderful father and a great example and role model to our son. His heartiest, deepest, most unfiltered laugh is when he is being silly with Anjore and it is a joy to see.  Leye loves cars and all things with a motor.  He has eagerly shared his passion with Anjore through a growing collection of toy cars and trucks. He also enjoys working out and helps me stay on track in that department too. He loves to teach our son new things, such as how to kick a ball, how to swim, how to ride a bike, and how to climb the stairs. He will be a patient and loving teacher to our next child.

About Her

Music is a big part of who Toye is as she expresses her creativity with words and songs.  She still woos me with poetry and has made up songs to sing our son- including silly ones!  She has a beautiful voice and serves as a worship leader and choir director at our church.  She has a reserved, warm, inviting nature that makes everyone feel at home around her.  She is also a fantastic cook!  She is an encourager by nature and is never short of words to help others see their potential – it is this quality that makes her a great mother.  She is affectionate and always ready to give a hug- something Anjore has taken after!

Toye will ensure that our children grow up learning and loving music.  She will sing to them at bedtime, be their first piano teacher, and come up with dance moves with them.  They won’t be the best dance moves, but they’ll be fun!

Our Son and Family

Our two-year-old son, Anjore, is a sweet, energetic, smart boy. His name means “we are feasting on God’s goodness”.  We were intentional to give him a name that would be a blessing over him and also reflect our hearts towards him.  He has inherited both of our strong wills, love of music, and Toye’s penchant for hugs.  He also loves the outdoors!

We each have an extended family made up of siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents.  Several of Toye’s siblings and cousins live in the US and are a part of our family gatherings while the rest of our extended family is spread between Nigeria, Dubai, and the UK. We keep in touch with them through video calls and visits.  Our families are both excited to welcome your child into our large international ‘tribe’ and are already praying for you both.

Our Home in Texas

Our 2-story, 4 bedroom house with a fenced backyard has already provided us with so many wonderful memories. Upstairs is Anjore’s room as well as the already set up nursery room. Also upstairs is a game room that we have intended to keep as a children’s play area, though we often end up playing together in the living room downstairs. The heart of our home is the open-plan kitchen and living room area downstairs.  We usually host family during the holidays and fill our table with a Nigerian-American feast.  Our backyard has plenty of space for play.  It has a toddler swing and slide set and a kiddie trampoline!

Our home is in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood that is zoned to really good schools.  There is a neighborhood pool, playgrounds, walking trails, and splash pad that are helpful to provide entertainment.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that we will love your child with a fully open heart.  We will surround them with a tight-knit family that supports, encourages, and celebrates one another. We promise to give them an education that will comprise of the best schools we can afford, as well as the best experiences, culture, diversity and people that we can expose them to.  We will use every resource we have to ensure that they grow up knowing that they are wholly loved, by us, by you and most of all by God.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Leye & Toye

  Leye Toye
Our EducationChemical Engineering, Civil EngineeringLaw, MBA
Our ProfessionsSenior Project Manager, EngineeringDirector, Human Resources Business Partner
Our Racial BackgroundBlack/African AmericanBlack/African American
Some of Leye & Toye's Favorites
Favourite comfort foodAny food my wife makesHaagendazs Dulce de Leche ice cream
Favourite vacation memoryBarcelona - we were both very relaxedIstanbul - our vacation ended with us running from tear gas riots!
Favourite music to dance toPlaylist my wife made me of "songs that make me think of you"Afro-pop
Favourite way to pass timeNetflix and chillNetflix and chill
Favourite HolidayThanksgiving - gathering family aroundThanksgiving - getting the family together
Favourite movie everShawshank Redemptiondon't really have one
Favourite TV showOzarks on NetflixShondaland Thursdays (Grey's Anatomy, Station 19, HTGAWM)
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both enjoy English Premier League football (soccer) and often spend Saturday and Sunday mornings watching soccer games. We value fitness and working out is a regular part of our weekly rhythm.
Toye loves music and books, with two bookshelves already full of books on a range of topics from theology, fiction to classics and self-development. We have a piano in the house and when we play music, we tend to play it loud.
Leye loves cars and watches and enjoys Formula 1 racing. He is currently working on a pet project to build a watch from scratch.

Our Faith

We are a Christian family. We both grew up in Christian homes and are very grateful for that heritage and legacy, and we plan to pass this on to our children. We live consistently with Christian values and will prayerfully present each of our children the opportunity to see what it looks like to live as a disciple of Jesus. Our hope, is that through us they will see enough to be able to make their own decision of faith at the appropriate time. We are both active members of our church. We go to church every Sunday and serve in ministry (Worship, Community volunteering, Small Groups).

Our Musical Interest

Music is a rich part of our family. As part of our Nigerian heritage, dance and rhythm are a part of our lives and how we celebrate. Toye sings and plays the piano and flute; and is a worship leader at church. Leye does not play any musical instruments but has a vast and diverse music library that spans Worship, Soul, R&B, Jazz and Afrobeats. He usually supplies the playlist when we need an in-home DJ. We have a piano and acoustic guitar in our home and would encourage our children to learn at least one musical instrument. In our extended family we have other musical talents like bass guitar, cello, drums and several singers. We pretty make up a whole band!

Bound together

We met at mutual friends' wedding.  And then went on to have 3 weddings of our own - a civil wedding in London, a Nigerian traditional wedding, and a church wedding in Lagos, Nigeria.  We like to say that we are triple-bound to each other!  But it is also illustrative of how we weave our culture and faith into everything we do.

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In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and consider our family. We look forward to sharing our rich culture, international background, and experiences with your child. Your child would be welcomed into a home that is safe, loving, full of faith, music, and every support to help them grow into the person God has designed them to be. We would be open to staying connected through pictures, letters, and visits. Thank you again for considering us - we hope to hear from you soon.

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