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A Letter from Kenny & Sarah

Hello and thank you for considering us! We look forward to connecting with you and appreciate the opportunity given to us to adopt. We look forward to sharing all the love in our hearts with your child and growing our family. We enjoy a wide range of hobbies including hiking, camping, bike riding, cooking, and crafting. We are excited to share all of our passions, family traditions, and creating new family traditions with your baby. We look forward to keeping you updated with letters, pictures, and visits at your level of comfort.

About Us

We have been together for 15 years now! We love going on fun adventures and being outdoors just as much as having a homemade dinner by the fireplace and enjoying a movie night together. We have two dogs, Maz and Reba, who love to go on hikes with us, and a cat, Salem, who loves laying in your lap just as much as he does getting treats. All of our animals love children and we know they will all be wonderful companions to our child! Anytime we can, we love to go explore new hiking and biking trails. We look forward to spending time at the park with other families, teaching our child how to ride a bike, and going on many family trips- from camping trips in the backyard to the great outdoors!

About Sarah

Kenny says: Sarah is the kindest and most caring person I know. She is part of a compliance and quality assurance team, and she always looks out for everyone to make sure they have what they need. I asked her team what they thought of her, and they all described her as the perfect mix of mother/caretaker and leader/supervisor. Sarah works hard and doesn’t settle for “good enough” and always goes the extra mile. Plus, she is an amazing cook and loves to craft, garden, and read in her spare time. She has an amazing green thumb for plants and gardening! I know she will be a great mother with her morals and values, and she will without a doubt pass them on to our child. She’s very excited to cook meals with our child, teach them how to grow and care for their own garden, and pass on her love for reading through bedtime stories every night.

About Kenny

Sarah says: Kenny’s love of the outdoors and passion for life immediately drew me to him! He is always up for a challenge and has such a fun-loving spirit. It’s a joy seeing him interact with people during a bike race or during one of our cancer foundation fundraisers- he’s never met a stranger! He has a natural compassion for others and will always go the extra mile which is what makes him such an amazing Firefighter Paramedic. Kids are drawn to him and I love watching him play with them- especially our 2 nieces who always look forward to going on bike rides with him. He’s sure to pass on his tenacity and hard-working nature on to our child. Kenny’s really looking forward to sharing his love for the outdoors and camping with our child and teaching them how to work on cars since he can fix just about anything.

Our Home in Texas

We live in a cozy 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a spacious backyard that is within walking distance to 3 different parks. One of them even has a splash pad for summertime fun. In our home, the larger of the 2 spare rooms is already set up as the nursery with a nature theme. The other is Sarah’s home office and craft room. Our backyard is large enough for our dogs to run around a while still having room for a swing set or playhouse. It also has a large oak tree that, when in bloom, shades most of the backyard including the hammock setup that Kenny built himself. It is great for those cool summer nights relaxing around the outdoor fireplace and swinging in the hammock. Our neighbors are very friendly and most of them already have children who are often outside playing when the weather is nice.

Our Family

Both of our families are thrilled about our adoption! They have been very much involved with our adoption process and have even been reading the adoption books with us. Kenny’s family lives in other states while Sarah’s family lives nearby and we see them often. We normally get together with them on holidays and special occasions, and also once a month for Sunday dinner. Our favorite family tradition that we are excited to share with our baby is during Christmas time. We get together with Sarah’s family to eat breakfast for dinner and exchange crazy matching family pajamas.

Our Promise

We promise to always love unconditionally and support your child in every way possible. One of the most important things in life to us is knowing where we come from. We will never hide their adoption story from them and always speak of you in a positive light. We are forever grateful for you considering us for your child. We promise to take them on many bike rides and camping trips and give them every opportunity to grow and become their own individual.

We look forward to getting to know you and would love to keep in touch with you through the years through letters, pictures, and visits at your comfort level.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

With love, Kenny & Sarah

Learn More About Kenny & Sarah

  Kenny Sarah
My EducationFirefighter/Paramedic certificationsHigh School
My ProfessionsFirefighter/ParamedicQuality assurance of Fraud Investigative Analysts
My Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Kenny & Sarah's Favorites
FoodSarah's cookingTacos
MovieHookPrincess Bride
Dance MoveFunky ChickenThe Robot
Family activity Anything outdoors Gardening
SportBaseball and Football Basketball
Type of vacationCamping Beach
More About My Family
Why We're Hoping to Adopt:

We have always wanted to be parents and, since we met 15 years ago, we have talked about adoption being a part of our lives. Even with years of trying to conceive unsuccessfully, it has not deterred us from wanting to be parents. We know in our hearts that adoption was always meant for us and we're thrilled to grow our little family and make everlasting memories together.

Our Special Interests:

We enjoy going on coffee dates and trying new restaurants together. We also love to cook together and try out new recipes every week. Finding new hiking trails and places to explore as well. During the winter here in Texas it doesn’t get much better than sitting by our fireplace with Sarah’s homemade hot chocolate and a great movie on. We also spend time with our fire family from Kenny’s firehouse and their family’s as well.

Fun Facts:

1. Sarah loves to read and has a large collection of books.
2. Kenny is quite the handyman and can fixed everything from cars to home repairs, and is a fabricator by nature.
3. Sarah love to work on puzzles, crosswords, and coloring books as well.
4. Kenny always has a project car he’s working on and has built over 20 cars so far, and counting.
5. Sarah was very active in technical theater in high school and helped build the set of the library from Beauty and the Beast.
6. Kenny was an honor student and co-captain for his high school lacrosse team and received a full scholarship to play in college.
7. Sarah’s homemade Mac-n-cheese is a favorite at the firehouse.
8. Kenny is always taking classes and pushing himself to learn more about the fire service and about life.

What Our Friends Say About Us:

Sarah: She is always looking out for others. She will not hesitate to bring you food when you need it and help out wherever she can. She is honest, intelligent, nurturing, and is always ready to go to the plant store. She’s the kind of person that you can always rely on. Plus, she always brings food up to the firehouse for the fire family when Kenny is on shift.

Kenny: He is hard working and will give you the shirt off his back. He never lets anything stop him from achieving his goals and is a protector by nature. He always puts his family first over his needs. He can fix anything and he’s a great cook as well! He’s adventurous, fun, outgoing and always seems to make friends wherever he goes. He’s the kind of person you call when you need anything because he will always drop what he’s doing to help.

Together: These two can accomplish anything together. They compliment each other perfectly and will be amazing parents!

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
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Newborn to 2 years old




Either boy or girl

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 2 years old

In Closing

Thank you for considering us as an adoptive family for your child. We have prayed and dreamed of raising a family together for many years and we're ready to share all that we have as parents. If you'd like an open adoption, we are happy to share updates as your child grows up, including photos, texts or calls, and even occasional visits. It would be great to know what you have in mind for this connection and learn about you and the life you want for your child. Ask Lifetime about us to set up a call or video chat! We hope to hear from you.

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