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A Letter from Caleb & Jalyn

Hi! We are Caleb and Jalyn from Alabama. We are a Christian couple with two dogs, Tesla and Teddy, and a cat named Peeta. We love spending time as a couple whether it’s cooking dinner, grocery shopping or simply working on our house together. We look forward to welcoming your child into our lives and are open to visits!

Our Life Together

We met at our college campus ministry several years ago. After a year of being friends we started dating and, not long after, got married! We’ve been happily married ever since.

From the start, we had thoughts of having both biological and adopted children however, after being diagnosed with infertility we knew we were being led to adoption. We are grateful that God has allowed us to pursue adoption and know it will be a blessing for all parties involved.

We love spending time together as well as focusing on our own hobbies. In the mornings, we go to the gym and have some tea and quiet time before going to work. After work, we do projects both inside and outside the home together. Jalyn typically comes up with the overall aesthetic, while Caleb builds furniture, reaches all of the high places, or digs holes for new plants. Together, we make a well-balanced and productive team!

We are looking forward to expanding and creating new daily rituals with your child! We’re excited for the future family time, homeschooling, reading together, going to basketball games or ballet recitals, and every moment in between.

Meet my wife, Jalyn

Jalyn is one of a kind, strong and consistent. She loves God with a passion and is incredibly disciplined in her life and faith. She enjoys baking bread, cookies, and pastries. Jalyn enjoys watching the latest Korean drama and is an avid reader. Our home is filled with books ranging from politics, history, and the bible to gardening, homemaking, and cooking. She is driven by knowledge and loves to learn. She’s the most organized person I know and enjoys planning events months in advance. These qualities help her to excel in her job as a systems engineer.

She’s so excited to be a mother and to pass on all that she’s learned. I know that with her patience and heart, she will be an amazing one.

Meet my husband, Caleb

Caleb is the most remarkable person I’ve ever met and I’m very glad to call him my husband. He is Godly, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and leads our household well. He works hard at his job as a mechanical engineer and is passionate about his hobbies. When he’s not at work, Caleb enjoys woodworking, playing video games with friends, rock climbing, and basketball. Over the last year, Caleb has taught himself to play piano and plays for several hours a day. He also loves the outdoors-hikes, camping, and fishing and can’t wait to pass on the skills that he has learned to your child- as well as his love of music. I know he’ll be a wonderful, caring, and attentive dad!

Sweet Home Alabama

We bought our house almost 3 years ago and have spent the last few years making it our home. Caleb has built most of our furniture and has even built the nursery rocking chair and crib! We are so excited for your child to play in the nursery we’re creating.

Our home is an open concept with 4 bedrooms. Our favorite room would probably be the bricked-in sunroom. It’s home to most of our indoor plants, swing beds, books, and the piano. It has floor-to-ceiling windows that we love to keep open when the weather is nice. It’s a great spot to read, nap, play the piano, or simply enjoy looking at the backyard and hearing the birds chirp.

Our house backs up to a pond with frogs, ducks, cranes, and other wildlife that we can’t wait for your child to experience. Our home is conveniently within 10 minutes of both of our parents’ houses. So, your child will spend lots of family time with the grandparents.

Our Family

We both come from a family of 5+ siblings and we enjoy spending time with all of them. It’s helpful that all of our immediate family live close by!

Gathering to play board games is a big deal on both sides of our family. Everyone enjoys games like Risk and Clues. We also host game nights for more niche games like Pandemic, Munchkin, or even a mystery dress-up party. We can’t wait to pass on our board game tradition.

Your child will have many aunts, uncles, grandparents, and even great-grandparents! All of whom are excited to spend holidays, birthdays, family vacations, or even just a random Saturday together.

Our Promise

We promise you that your child will first and foremost be raised in a loving Christian home. Where we promise to love them and raise them in the admonition of the Lord. Next, we promise that your child will grow up surrounded by a support system of caring family and friends. Finally, we promise that your child will get a myriad of life experiences ranging from a great education, traveling, learning valuable life skills, playing sports, and studying the arts to rainy day cuddles on the couch, comic book movies, k-drama marathons, and board games with family. We are excited to share our life with your child! We look forward to sharing pictures, letters, and once-a-year visits with you!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Caleb & Jalyn

  Caleb Jalyn
Our EducationBachelors in Mechanical EngineeringBachelors in Industrial and Systems Engineering
Our ProfessionsMechanical Design EngineerSystems Engineer
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianAfrican American
Some of Caleb & Jalyn's Favorites
FoodPizzaFrench Fries
MovieStar WarsIronman
TV ShowThe OfficePsych, Crash Landing on You, Doctor Who
HobbiesWoodworkingFamily Time
ColorGreenChanges often
More About Our Family
Our Faith

We believe in not just going to church on Sundays but living out the Christian faith on a daily basis. This means living out biblical principles such as faith, love, patience, a heart for serving others, and repentance. Being involved in ministry as a family is also important to us. We have led youth and college ministry and are currently on the servant leaders team for a new church plant. Your child would be actively involved in church and community outreach projects.

More About Our Special Interests

Caleb loves to do wood working. He’s built our canopy bed, kitchen table, bookshelves, office desk and so much more. Caleb also enjoys playing video games like Call of Duty and Halo with his friends. He has recently taken up learning the piano and is learning to play many of his favorite songs from artists like Ed Sheeran and Elvis. Caleb also loves the outdoors. He likes hikes, camping and fishing and can’t wait to pass on the skills that he has learned to your child.

Jalyn’s ultimate hobby is learning more about anything that she’s interested in at the moment. Once she’s interested in something she reads, listens to podcast, researches and practices until she’s ready to move on. Some constant interests for her are homemaking, politics, history and gardening. She doesn’t strive to be an expert on one thing but a learner of everything. She would love to pass on her love for knowledge.

Our Pets

Peeta is Caleb’s 9yr old gray tabby cat. He likes curling up by the fireplace or anywhere the light streams through the window.

Teddy is Jalyn’s 8yr old poodle. He loves long walks, playing with kids and eating food that spills.

Tesla is our 2 yr old schnauzer. She’s a bundle of energy who loves to fetch and jump on and over furniture.

About Our Home

Our home is our homebase. It’s the place we want to grow a family, build traditions, host dinner parties and holiday gatherings. It’s where we sit by the fire and watch movies or lounge with a good book in the sunroom. The inside is filled with plants and books, though we could always use more of both! For the outside we have dreams of growing perennial flower gardens, vegetable gardens and even a small orchard. Our home is always expanding and becoming uniquely ours and we're excited to see how growing our family through open adoption will make it even better!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
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Newborn to 1 year old




Either gender!

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and consider our family for your child. We are excited to provide a home where he or she will grow up love, encouragement, and resources to pursue passions and an overwhelming sense of family. We can't wait for couch snuggles, bath times, reading books, volunteering, sporting events and family vacations. We look forward to sharing photos, letters, and once-a-year visits with you as well!

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