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Statistics show that in the United States there are over 500 thousand children in foster care; a majority of them are African American or African American mixed children. One hundred thousand are waiting to be adopted. With the Internet and sites like Lifetime Adoption, it is taking less than 10 months for most couples to adopt.

Hoping to adopt from Africa? The need for adoptive families for babies and children is huge in the U.S. as well.

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The one family type that is always in high demand by our birthmothers is the African American family. Black families interested in African American newborns are normally matched with a birth mother within a few months.

Lifetime Adoption Center is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Adoption Services in Rough and Ready CA

"Many calls come in on our 24 hour hotline," states a coordinator at Lifetime. "A birth mother wants to have her baby adopted immediately from the hospital to avoid foster care altogether. When we receive that phone call in the middle of the night, we are able to tell the birth mother about adoptive families and then call a family immediately." Once the birth mother chooses a family, they can meet at the hospital and the baby goes home with the adoptive family.

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African American families are always in high demand in adoptionOur free application is available online to complete online or print out. Please fill out this application to adopt, so we can find out more about your adoption wishes and situation. There is no fee for applying.

Adoption Webinar - Your Best Adoption Resource is Another Adoptive Parent
During this webinar, adoptive mom, Della, and her husband, Tony, an African American family, share a fresh perspective through the details of the journey that led them to grow their family through a Lifetime Adoption. Della talks about everything from their decision to adopt, their family’s reaction or support, how they chose to invest in their adoption, what it meant to them to have an open adoption, and the top tips YOU should know for your own adoption success.

Adoption Webinar - MaRay's Adoption Story
One of the best ways hopeful adoptive parents can prepare for or be encouraged along their path to adoption is to learn from other adoption stories of parents who made it through the process. In this webinar, African American adoptive mom, MaRay, shares the details of her decision to adopt as a single African American mother.

Birthparents Seeking Families
A current listing of birthparents who are seeking adoption information and adoptive parents for their babies and children.

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Adoptive families today have many choices with open or semi-open adoption.

For the adoptive family, there is the comfort of knowing the family medical history for your child and their genealogy. And when those inevitable questions about heritage arise, parents can comfortably and openly tell them about who they are and share from the heart to comfort their child. Your child will know he or she was loved because of a loving choice their birth Adoption Prayer Braceletparent made, an important fact you can share with them.

For more information about adopting a child, please contact us.

Adoption Home Study Report
If you have started looking into adoption, you may have heard the term "HOME STUDY" and wondered what exactly it is. Visit to receive a special free report to explain the adoption home study requirements and answer the simple question, "What is a home study?"

Birthmothers contacting African American Adoptions Online have expressed that they'd prefer to place their baby or child with an African American or bi-racial adoptive family. As a result, our need for black and bi-racial adoptive families continues to be high. In the video below, Founder of Lifetime Adoption & African American Adoptions Online, Mardie Caldwell, explains our deep need for adoptive families:

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Lifetime Adoption Foundation, a 501(c)3 Charity, is urgently seeking help for homeless women and children, and pregnant women. Each pregnant woman or homeless mother you provide food to, donate clothes for, or give a blanket and pillow to is at least one life in which you can make a difference.

Please give today and make a difference. Every donation you make goes directly to a child, mother, or pregnant teen or woman in need.

Please help Lifetime Adoption Foundation meet the requests and needs of women and children. All donations are appreciated and tax deductible! View our wish list to learn of specific needs and drop-off locations.


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